American-made goods and furniture for the home & garden

Our Mission

Farm & Home offers a carefully selected collection of goods for the home and garden made fairly by artisans and makers in America. Our products are functional and beautiful, often made in small quantities, some will be found objects as well as one-of-a kind items, and we will be happy to tell you the story of each of them and where they are made.

We believe that the best things are made by people; that "flaws" can make things more special; that stories count; and that life is better when we surround ourselves with things we love and use.  --Chapin and Kevin Fish, owners of Farm & Home, and partners of Brockman Real Estate.

Both Chapin and Kevin Fish are driven to support the resurgence of American manufacturing and are captivated by rustic, simple, yet modern home design, which is a perfect fit for life in the Berkshires.  "We wanted to open a retail store that highlights the finest Berkshire and American handcrafted goods for the home, garden and farm for some time”, and indeed Farm & Home, at 276 Main Street, is the result of this desire and a year and a half worth of collaborative work.  

Farm & Home sells a curated, yet broad selection of both functional, beautiful, and useful wares from waxed oil cloth bags and totes, ceramic tableware, hand-forged garden tools, hand-printed table linens, blankets and throws from America’s last true vertical woolen mill, high quality bench made upholstered furniture made-to-order at factory direct prices, exquisite hand-joined wood furniture by local masters, and much more including an excellent selection of candles, cards, stationary and essential oil-based refillable cleaning goods for the home.  The strikingly beautiful space is complete with fine art in their inner gallery for exhibitions by local artists. 

Beyond being a retail store, the space is still home to Fish’s other business, Brockman Real Estate. Combining the two businesses in one location was the creation of broker and buyer, Chapin Fish.  He believes that this unique pairing offers both his retail and real estate customers something new. “With the internet there isn’t as much of a perceived reason to walk into a regular real estate office anymore, so we decided that this would be the ideal way to bring people inside, meet and get to know them, grow relationships over time, and communicate the tremendous value of what we do. The two businesses meld perfectly.”  “If you are looking at artisan-made soaps and see a beautiful home for sale, why not buy a whole new bathroom to put that soap in,” Chapin mused. The thriving real estate business is integrated into the store, just as pictures of homes and other available properties will be integrated into the retail shelves.  

Throughout Farm & Home are one-of-a-kind objects, as well as items in small quantities, all of which have a special story the team, which includes the indispensable office manager Erik Fredsall, is happy to share. “We worked really hard to find unique items at every price point, from $4 to $4,000” Kevin states, “this is an accessible, comfortable place where you can bring in your dog, or relax in our lounge while your partner shops... there is something here for everybody.”

Farm & Home is currently open every day of the week!  Mondays through Thursdays from 10am to 5pm, Friday and Saturday 10am until 6pm, and Sunday 11am to 4pm.  For more information go to, call 413.528.9100